Liverpool FC fans have taken to the streets to protest against the sale of local legend, Mario Balotelli, to Nice.

Balotelli, who arrives in Nice following a free transfer, was praised by adoring fans for his work ethic, leadership and exemplary attitude.

Sources for CRB-VIP have also revealed that many fans were angered by recent comments from former player, Jamie Carragher.

In a tweet following the move, Carragher had this to say:

Fans were quick to jump to Mario’s defence and branded Carragher’s comments as ridiculous.

One fan had this to say:

Balotteli will be sorely missed by everyone that supports this club. His goalscoring record was amazing and he worked hard for the team. He should be captain this season.

Early reports are that fans may boycott the next home game as a protest until Super Mario returns to the club.


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