The Miz is the latest WWE Superstar to be suspended following a Wellness Policy violation, CRB-VIP can exclusively report.

The suspension comes after his much talked about appearance on the WWE Network show, Talking Smack.

WWE officials were quick to test the former WWE Champion amidst rumours that his drug problem had escalated prior to the show after becoming confused by its title.

In an exclusive interview with CRB-VIP, Miz admits to being a smack addict;

I was confused. I thought I was being brought on the show to talk about my addiction! I’ve been a user for years and thought WWE were trying to help me by giving me a platform to talk about smack. I’m an addict. When Daniel Bryan started verbally attacking me, I didn’t know what was going on. I just wanted some smack!

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion confirms that after the segment finished he ended up Taking Smack. He regrets the incident and the subsequent suspension.

The Miz has been admitted into a rehab facility and is getting better.


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