Following their emphatic victory over much fancied Slovakia, England are set to capitalise on their new world dominating football by unveiling a new national sponsor.

This exclusive news, brought to you by CRB-VIP, could prove to be the start of a change within the international game with other countries set to follow the trend.

We can exclusively reveal that the England national is to be sponsored by, London Zoo.

The deal, which is set to generate £500m, was confirmed after Adam Lallana scored a Fergie time winning goal in this evening’s match.

This groundbreaking deal sees London Zoo have exclusive rights to calling all there Llama’s, Adam.

Dan Allardyce, general manager of London Zoo, had this to say:

“All our staff are very proud of the England sponsorship deal and we are especially happy Adam the Llama finally has a name”

Other countries looking for similar sponsorship deals include, Senegal, with their national sheep being named after the national teams striker, Demba Ba and Romania, adopting the name, Răzvan, for all there national rats.


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