That’s right folks. Just when you thought the global sensation that is ‘Pokemon Go’ couldn’t get any better – Niantic have done another world first! For a limited time only, 5 days to be precise, they have introduced a large cash sum for anyone who can catch prize winning, limited edition Pokemon!


For those living in a cave for the past couple of months, Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices, released in July 2016.

This morning Niantic CEO John Hanke declared:

“I can reveal the rumours are true. Niantic are proud to announce this world gaming first. From 1200 GMT on Tues 6th September – Sat 11th September, we are releasing 5 Exclusive Limited Edition Pokemon into the stratosphere of Pokemon-Go! These Limited Edition Pokemon, will be ‘catchable’ in ALL MAJOR CITIES ACROSS THE WORLD, and the lucky ‘catchers’ will win $10’000 outright – no questions asked! Think of it as a Niantic equivalent to a Golden Ticket – just real and far more rewarding!”

As with all good things in life – there is a catch! Unfortunately young Pokemon-Go fans, the offer is only open to those 18+ and the Pokemon will only appear on your device, if you are 18 years and over.

cashwinning pokemon

The exclusive limited edition cash winning Pokemon to catch ACROSS ALL MAJOR CITIES IN THE WORLD, are the following: Uneedagetoutamor, Growdafukupa, Gettalife, Ruforreal & Playtinderinsteada.

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So what are you waiting for people! GO CATCH ‘EM ALL & win some big bucks – you lucky mature adults you!



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