Apple released its next generation iPhone this week – the iPhone 7 & iPhone7 plus – to world acclaim!


The launch event in San Francisco revealed the upgraded iPhone has many a new feature including a pressure-sensitive home button, better camera, a faster processor and improved battery life, as well as having no headphone jack – using new Apple Airpods rather than the traditional headphones!


THE BEST NEW FEATURE though is this…… Not only is it waterproof – ITS UNBREAKABLE!

That’s right! Unbeatable, unsinkable : UNBREAKABLE! Beat that Samsung!

You can add all the hi-tech features that you like but this was the one that always mattered.


Gone are the days of trips to the Apple Store in despair to fix your phone , no more feelings of inadequateness or just plain stupidness; when a young and inept ‘Apple Genius’ looks down at you only to direct you to some ‘ sister company’ to fix your broken screen, no more paying out over priced excess fees to insurance companies to repair the water damage!

Apple have finally listened to the consumer and made a phone durable for everyone – after all, they don’t come cheap right, making this latest instalment to the Apple family, the best iPhone yet!


So when you purchase your new iphone7 give it a whirl with a satisfactory smile! Throw it against the wall, stamp on it with your stilettos, use it in the bath or play with your young’ling as you use your new iPhone as a sword or lightsaber, knowing that no matter what you throw at it – Apple made the phone with you in mind – for peace in mind.

Thank you Apple x



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