CM Punk has been suspended from competing in UFC 203 later tonight, according to CRB-VIP sources.

The decision was made after it was revealed that, the famously “StraightEdge” star, had failed a UFC drugs test.

It appears that his blood work contained evelated levels of the banned sustance, Arrogance, which is a favourite amongst former indy wrestlers turned WWE superstars.

Arrogance was made popular within pro-wrestling culture in the 80’s-90’s with notable stars such as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels & Rick “The Model” Martel (pictured above) using the substance.

Dana White, UFC President, confirmed the suspension via a press conference:

The decision to suspend CM Punk was taken following the result of a failed drug test.Arrogance is not something I am familiar with but it will not be tolerated here in the UFC!

100% of a our fighters have passed drug tests in the past, we have never experienced drug cheats before in my organisation and we will not stand for it now.

UFC is a clean organisation and this drug cheat, along with any future cheats, are unlikely to be given a second chance!

CM Punk gave an exclusive quote for CRB-VIP which confirms his interest in a WWE return:

WWE, Randy Orton, I’m coming for your blood!

Our sources within WWE confirmed that Orton vs Wyatt may have a surprise ending…


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