CRB-VIP can exclusively reveal that UFC fighter, Mickey Gall, was arrested following his scheduled fight with former WWE Superstar, CM Punk.

CRB-VIP sources can confirm that the arrest was made immediately following the fight after a complaint was made by CM Punk’s wife, April Brooks.

Mrs. Punk made the call to the police after allegedly finding her husband unconscious in the backstage area.

Our sources claim that it appears Mr. Punk had been there for some time, before being found, missing the fight completely and having no knowledge of how he got there. He had a severe wound to the side of his head and arm.

In a shocking Twist of Fate, it appears that the man who fought Gall was also a former WWE Superstar.

Jeff Hardy, sworn enemy of Punk, has also been arrested. This follows a plot to make CM Punk “look silly and DELETE him“.

In a statement to local police, Hardy spoke of there plan:

Mickey and I couldn’t believe how well Punk was doing in training. It was a real worry that he was going to win the fight.

I paid someone to take him out and I filled in for him, losing the fight.

I lost in such a embarrassing manner because I wanted to make him look silly and DELETE him!

We would’ve got away with it if it wasn’t for that crazy, AJ Lee.

Police also want to speak to WWE Supertar, Randy Orton, about his involvement.


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