After crowning the winner of the WWE CWC Tournament this week, the company are set to announce the introduction of another tournament.

In another CRB-VIP exclusive, our sources have confirmed that the latest tournament will be called, The WWE Ultimate Tournament.

Following the conclusion of tournaments such as the CWC, SmackDown Tag Team, crowning the first Universal Champion & crowning the second Universal Champion.

It was Vince McMahon’s thought that as they were so popular, he would just do another.

CRB-VIP, after a lot of work, can exclusively reveal the official brackets for the tournament:

Vince McMahon, famously described as an evil genius, is set to announce the participants of The WWE Ultimate Tournament at noon today.

It is believed to feature all the PWI 500 wrestlers, which features talent from all over the world.

The winner is set to be named the first ever, You Deserve It Champion.



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