After extensive playing of the new WWE2K17, CRB-VIP can exclusively reveal a special hidden feature.

The WWE Games and 2K Sports have combined to provide us with a shocking easter egg, which will have fans clamouring to their computers.

CRB-VIP‘s own, Marky Smark, reveals the special easter egg feature:

“Select Paige as your character to fight Alberto Del Rio in a singles match. Lose the match. Exit out and do the same again but this time choose a No DQ match. Lose again. Finally, choose a Hell in a Cell match and lose again…you will then be sent to an alternative screen.”

Marky, continues:

“This screen is set in Triple H’s office. You will see an action shot of Alberto Del Rio being put through HHH’s table and escorted from the building.”

“Del Rio is shown holding his wrists & head from crashing through the table and you are left with Paige still in the office with HHH”

The hidden feature continues:

“HHH is then joined by Vince McMahon, who whispers in Paige’s ear. HHH then gives her a bottle of pills and Paige leaves the room. Vince McMahon & HHH are shown laughing uncontrollably.”

This is where the special feature ends.

Upon returning to the ‘select your character’ screen, Marky discovered that you were no longer able to select Paige or Alberto Del Rio as playable superstars!

If you find any easter eggs like this then please let us know in the comments below.


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