Following the success of Goldberg’s return to WWE TV, CRB-VIP can confirm that WWE officials were planning a major surprise return at next year’s Royal Rumble.

Unfortunately, plans appear to have been put on hold due to one of the company’s top stars, and major title holders, leaking the surprise on his twitter account.

Having already had some issues with WWE management, Kevin Owens, may find himself in some hot water once again.

CRB-VIP can exclusively reveal that the former star, being brought in to fight Owens, was WWE Legend; Mantaur.

In what some have called a “dream match“, Mantour vs Kevin Owens was scheduled to headline the PPV.

Owens released his photo in jealous retaliation to AJ Styles revealing his dream opponent for the Rumble.

Our sources confirmed that AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels has not yet been signed to the PPV but Mantaur vs Owens was guarenteed, although Kevin may not have been aware of this at the time.

We will now wait and see what punishment WWE has for KO this time but fans will be hugely disappointed not to see their WWE hero in January!


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