CRB-VIP can exclusively reveal the identity of one of tonight’s surprise Royal Rumble entrants.

Rumours have been circulating for months, with many names thrown into the mix, Kurt Angle, Kenny Omega, Samoa Joe, Cody Rhodes, but our sources have been able to confirm an even bigger, more unexpected surprise.

This superstar has not been on anyone’s radar, until now.


They are a former TNA mega star, who was involved in one of the biggest and best storylines in the company’s history.

It’s believed that their cult status amongst fans is what attracted WWE to sign them up for the Royal Rumble match.


Claire Lynch, who has been out of the wrestling business since her record breaking storyline with AJ Styles, will be one of only a handful of women that have entered the Royal Rumble match before.


The thought of a potential interaction with Styles will have the IWC salivating in anticipation.

It is unknown yet as to whether WWE will use Lynch after the Rumble but it is expected that she will receive a roof raising reaction when her music hits.


We hope for a Lynch vs Lynch match at WrestleMania.


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