Elimination Chamber will be given a surprise facelift tonight, according to CRB-VIP sources.

Vince McMahon is said to believe that the structure is becoming stale in the eyes of the fans and wants to add a different element of intrigue to the structure itself.

McMahon is believed to have used two recent matches as an experiment for his Chamber idea and was pleased with the success of both.

CRB-VIP can exclusively reveal that there will be an extra pod added to the structure.

Following the NXT match from a few months ago, where Paul Ellering was hung from a cage above the ring, and the recent Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens where Chris Jericho was suspended above the ring in a shark cage, Vince believes that an extra pod should be added to the top of the Elimination Chamber!

Vince McMahon, who is no stranger to pushing the envelope, has gone a step further and the difference between the two previous experiments is that instead of a wrestler being in the top pod, a dangerous animal is going to be caged and dropped at his whimsy.

To add to the storyline of Randy Orton being the Royal Rumble winner and possibly facing the winner of the actual Chamber match at WrestleMania, the dangerous animal in the top pod is set to be a Viper.

Needless to say when CRB-VIP spoke to some of the participants in tonight’s match, they were not too impressed with the changes.

CRB-VIP wishes them all good luck.

The Captain